Blubb lamp collection

Blubb - Beautiful Lights in Delightful Designs

The Blubb lighting collection from Next is a delight to behold. Blubb is an excellent example of the talented German lighting brand’s ability to create a collection of functional and decorative lights for the modern home.

At Lampefeber, we are crazy about this lighting collection's beautiful design and round shapes, which are a reference to water droplets - and the sound of the soft “blub” when they hit the water surface.

The lights’ organic designs, mouth-blown glass and various colour combinations are ideal for many different rooms and environments. Therefore, they can easily be used both privately and in more professional surroundings, such as cafés, restaurants, workplaces, and hotels.

The Blubb lighting collection consists of multiple smart lights. At Lampefeber, you can find many variants of these lights, including:

If you are looking for beautiful and enchanting designs, you need look no further than Blubb. If you have questions about this lighting collection, or you need help choosing the right light for you, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.