Liquid Light Drop

Next Liquid Light Drop lamp collection

Liquid Light Drop - Droplet-Shaped Lights that Drip with Style

The lighting collection Liquid Light Drop was created by the German lighting brand, Next. As the name of this collection implies, the lights’ design was inspired by the round, fluid lines seen in water droplets. While the lights in this collection are attractive and pleasing to the eye, it would perhaps be more accurate to describe them as “lights in a liquid form”.

At Lampefeber, we are extremely happy to include this beautiful lighting collection in our range. The collection consists of a number of different lights that can be used across many rooms throughout the home. Their uniqueness also makes them ideal for more professional environments, such as restaurants, hotels, and workplaces. We carry several lights from this collection, including:

This stunning collection of small and big lights has won international awards for its eye-catching and attractive design. The warm and diffused light that the lights in this lighting collection produce will undoubtedly enhance any mood in the rooms and surroundings where they are used. If you have any questions about this gorgeous lighting collection or the different variants and sizes, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.