Chors lights Combine Innovation and Functionality

Chors is a well-known lighting manufacturer designing lights with modern and innovative shaping. Functionality and aesthetic style are at the forefront for this lighting brand designing beautiful and innovative lighting for businesses and for your home. Especially Chors’ Ambiente light is well known and is available both as a floor lamp and a wall light.

Polish Chors’ design and produce, among other things, customised products for both projects and companies and for many years their primary focus has been on project and business lighting. That’s why the company has achieved extensive experience and the best know-how when it comes to LED as well as shading of their lights and lamps. This, combined with the lighting manufacturer’s focus on continuous development and innovation with technological solutions and quality improvements makes Chors lights a modern quality choice.

Chors lighting is predominantly in metal and with LED resulting in stylish effective lighting which is also energy-friendly. That’s why this is an exciting lighting solution in Lampefeber’s large selection of lights and lamps, since they work well in public settings but most definitely also in private homes. Chors’ lights and lamps are, without a doubt, innovative and beautiful, which makes them ideal for many different surroundings and spaces.

Choose the Popular Ambiente Wall Light and Floor Lamp

At Lampefeber, we stock an exciting selection of lights and lamps from Chors which makes it easy for you to get functional and stylish lighting for a range of areas and purposes.

When mentioning the innovative Polish lighting manufacturer, which is just one of many brands at Lampefeber, it is particularly centred around Chors’ Ambiente wall light and Ambiente floor lamp. The Ambiente collection is extremely popular which is largely due to their beautiful contrasting sculptured designs which will be an impressive addition to any home or surroundings. Chors’ Ambiente lamp is definitely a safe choice if you want elegant lighting with a creative touch. But the lighting brand has much more to offer than just Ambiente lights.

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