Studio Italia Design

Studio Italia Design

Studio Italia Design - Exclusively Designed Lamps and Lights

As the name suggests, Studio Italia Design is all about Italian design, which means impressive elegance and plenty of functionality.

Studio Italia Design has been a leading designer and manufacturer of modern lamps and lighting since the beginning of 1950. So, the Italian brand has a lot of experience and many beautiful lights and lamps under their belt, with Studio Italia Design’s pendant lights Kelly, Nostalgia and Skyfall being the most famous.

Studio Italia Designs lights are designed with a great emphasis on quality and impressive standards of design which enables the prestigious label “made in Italy”. This means only the finest materials are used, such as hand blown glass made in Murano, which is then combined with stainless steel, brass and aluminium accents in a range of incredible finishes.

With their great emphasis on quality, design, functionality and state of the art technology, resulting in the design and development of a range of beautiful lights, it’s no surprise that Studio Italia Design’s lights and lamps are sold in more than 90 countries. Because this is world-class decorative lighting.

Nostalgia, Kelly and Skyfall - The Iconic Pendants

If you love beautiful Italian design you’ll find it here at Lampefeber in our large range of lamps and lights. We stock a large selection of Studio Italia Design lamps and lights that gives you the opportunity to get elegant and functional lighting for your entire home:

We are particularly pleased to offer you the opportunity to buy some of the most popular icons among Studio Italia Design’s pendants. So, whether you love the Italian lighting manufacturer’s Nostalgia pendant, Kelly pendant or Skyfall pendant you can find them in our online store.

The three pendants from Studio Italia Design each have their own elegant characteristics: a Kelly pendant is simple and timeless; a Nostalgia pendant has a beautiful design with rounded lines while the Skyfall pendant has a soft and elegant expression.

There is no doubt that Studio Italia Design has a lot to offer and that’s why we carry many of their lights and lamps in our range. But you can also explore numerous other interesting lighting brands within modern and functional lighting. If you have questions about our range or need help choosing a particular Studio Italia Design light you are very welcome to contact us for advice on +45 8636 1722 or