Luci Control Outdoor Wall Light

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Designed by Klaus Nolting

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Functional wall light with built-in motion detector

The Luci Control IP65 wall light is equipped with an integrated motion sensor, making it ideal for both security and comfort lighting around your home. The sensor has a detection angle of 120 degrees and can detect movement up to 9 meters away. The time setting can be adjusted from 5 seconds to 8 minutes, ensuring the light stays on after activation for the desired period. Additionally, you can customize the twilight setting from 3 to 1000 lux, ensuring that the lamp only turns on when the light level is below the set threshold. This feature makes Luci Control both energy-efficient and user-friendly for outdoor lighting.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K, 12W, 720 lm. - H 5,3 cm. x W 14 cm. x D 16 cm.
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