Gap Q Outdoor Wall Light

393 EUR

Designed by Klaus Nolting

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Outdoor wall light with cubic shape

Gap is a real bright spot whose cubic shape creates a completely new setting for the surroundings
of every building.
The square format of the gap Q is unidirectional, cubic and calm and so creates a harmonious
Finely framed glass light output surface is tilted slightly towards the house wall.
The gap – hence the name – separates the two opposed tilted surfaces.
The finely coordinated radii create an attractive flow of lines within the housing.
Fitted with state-of-the-art high-voltage LED technology and a power of 12 watts/260 lumen.

Product info Built in LED 3000 K, 12W, 260 lm. - H 12 cm. x W 12 cm. x D 12 cm.
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