Concentric L Wall Light

2,720 EUR

Designed by Rob Zinn

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Large exclusive wall light in several colours by Marset

Concentric L is a colourful and visual striking wall light, whether it is turned on or off. The way the light vibrates when taking a look at the lamp almost promotes a hypnotic affect. In daylight, the lamp's colours are subtly perceived, but at night when the light is turned on, the colours come to the fore and shine impressively and dynamically.

The lamp's design emerged from observing a natural phenomenon: The designer noticed on an aeroplane journey the effect of the sunlight entering through the windows and reflecting the vibrant colours of the passengers’ clothing on the curved white surface of the aeroplane’s interior. The Concentric collection is based on an artistic endeavour to highlight this interaction between light and the reflection of colour, as each white circular panel plays with a different colour on its back.

The wall light comes in three different sizes and two different colour combinations: the Corona model with neon colours and the Major model with warm colours.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K, 913 lm. - 101,5 cm.
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