Dipping Light M Graphite Table Lamp

1,680 EUR

Designed by Jordi Canudas

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Beautiful glass table lamp in several colours by Marset

Dipping Light M Graphite table lamp is a combination of art and lighting. On top of the graphite base, is a glass ball dipped in colour several times during manufacture, which creates a unique effect. The ball's graduated colour creates different moods when it is off and on and provides lighting with character. Combined with the graphite base, Dipping Light exudes a stylish elegance that gives each lamp its unique look. When off, the stained glass table lamp is a beauty, ideally designed to stand on a side table or dresser.

The Dipping Light lighting collection consists of a selection of pendant lights, cluster pendants, wall lights and table lamp versions.

Awards: MetropolisLikes Award in New York, 2018. Best of Year Award 2018 Interior Design Magazine. Wallpaper Design Award: Best Disco Divas, 2019.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K, 948 lm. - H 54 cm. x 30 cm.
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