Privacy Policy collection and use of personal information

Handling of personal information

Handling of personal information – fulfilment of contract

In connection with your purchase from Lampefeber, you have given personal information including but not limited to


Your name 
Your address
Your e-mail address
Your telephone number
Your payment information


We use this information to expedite your purchase, as it is necessary for us to fulfil our portion of the transaction. We retain this information for a period of 5 years in compliance with the regulations in Denmark’s Accounting Law. At the end of this period your details will be deleted.


If you have ordered delivery, then your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will be given to our shipping company – currently GLS, TNT or DSV – so they can deliver your purchase.


Handling of personal information – consent

If you have subscribed to our newsletter (checked the Yes please) we will use your e-mail address and information about your purchase until it is no longer relevant – in practice, until you no longer wish to receive e-mails from us..

You can withdraw your consent at any time. You can do that by either using the link included at the bottom of our e-mails or by contacting us via and informing us that you no longer want to receive our newsletter.


Collection of personal information
The collection of personal information by Lampefeber takes place within the parameters of existing regulations and the EU’s general regulations regarding data protection (GDPR). 


Lampefeber collects user information from 3 sources:
From cookies when you visit our websites, for example IP-address, country, pages viewed, categories viewed, brands viewed, interactions/clicks and searches. 
From purchases, for example demographic data, e-mail address, payment information, products, order amount, brands and frequency. This includes transactions e-mails, for example order confirmation & shipment confirmation.
From user behavior and engagement with the transmitted communication including e-mails, for example opening rate, click patterns and areas of interest.

The purpose of collecting this information serves different areas:
Obligations. To fulfil our obligations to you as a customer or user of our service  –  for example purchase, billing, customer service and customer club. 
Customer service. To perform customer service via e-mail, chat or telephone. To answer questions regarding and order or earlier orders, correct mistakes and advise customers. 
Marketing. To show inspiration, product offers/ services and personal recommendations via web, e-mail and third-party marketing.
Customer experience. To improve customer experience and interaction with Lampefeber – for example personalization of customer experience and development of new functions and products. This includes administration, protection, operation and maintenance of our websites, system administration and security, consent to statistics about use of the site and purchases and to improve understanding of our customers favorite products.
Fraud and risk. To prevent fraud and perform reasonable risk assessment.
Law. To comply with current legislation.


When you visit Lampefeber, we collect information about visits to the website. We use this information to improve your customer experience, evaluate use of individual elements of the site and support our marketing.


Data security
Regardless of whether we use your personal information to fulfil a contract or with your consent, we will always handle your information securely and confidentially in accordance with applicable laws, including the Personal Data Regulation and the Data Protection Act. 

Your information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and will be deleted when this purpose is fulfilled or no longer relevant. 

We use third parties to handle your payment information – ePay

We have data handling agreements with these third parties, which is our guarantee that they comply with relevant regulations about the protection of your personal information.


Statistical tools
We use different analytical tools – Google Analytics, for example – to help we collect statistics about the use of the Lampefeber websites and to give you a better experience. 


Third-party cookies
Lampefeber uses third-party services on our sites. These services may use cookies. You can choose to decline third-party cookies by following this link: 

Third-party cookies are used for various purposes including creating statistics about your visit to Lampefeber. We use cookies to see which pages you have visited, and how long you spent visiting them. We use Google Analytics for this purpose. You can opt out of Google analytics here: 


Lampefeber works together with businesses to improve our online advertising and ensure that you see only ads that are relevant to you. For this purpose, we work with the following suppliers: Facebook, Instagram and Google. If you want to be excluded from this type of advertising, contact us via


Information, objection, correction, data portability and deletion


You are always free to contact us regarding which of your personal information we hold. You can do this by contacting us: 


Lampefeber A/S
CVR-nr. 14603549
Lilleringvej 30 
8462 Harlev J

Tlf.: 8636 1722


If any of your information is incorrect, you can request that it be corrected. You also have the right to get your personal information in a commonly-used format (data portability). If you want to request a portable copy of your data or make changes, you are welcome to contact us at the e-mail address above. 


If you would like us to stop handling your personal information, or limit the handling of this information, please contact us at the e-mail address above. 


If you would like to lodge a complaint about Lampefeber handling of your personal information please contact Datatilsynet (the Danish Data Protection Agency): Borgergade 28,5., DK-1300 København, DENMARK / telephone +45 33 19 32 00 / e-mail: