Accent Z Pendant Light

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Designed by Chors

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Minimalist design pendant light

The Accent Z pendant light provides with its clean design and beautiful LED light,
a modern and elegant expression to the room.
The pendant lamp does not provide light into the room, but gives a sharply concentrated light
downwards, there is suitable for a dining table, over the kitchen table or over a desk where
you want a lot of light.
Accent lamp series consists a pendant light, wall lights, ceiling lamps and built-in lamps.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K, - H 6 cm. x D 6 cm. - L 60 cm. 2016 lm. - L 90cm. 3024 lm. - L 120 cm. 4032 lm. - L 150 cm. 5040 lm.
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